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A pinball so powerful that – just like a tornado – it can’t be ignored!

In each of us there lies a deep-seated fascination with the destructive forces of nature. Most of us know it’s not wise to fool with powers of this magnitude. A few of us haven’t learned our lesson…yet!

Sega Pinball released the Twister Pinball – a game that gave players a new respect for the awesome power of nature! All the excitement of the blockbuster film has been packed into Twister – a game that appeals to players of all skill levels.

Game Features

  • Top Lane Magnet: Lightning fast turbo-pop action!
  • Back Lit Electronic Targets: You hit them with the pinball soft or hard, they’re gonna score!
  • A Spinning Ball Catching Magnet: At the start of 3, 4 or 5 ball multi-ball it grabs your pinballs and throws them out with the fury of a real tornado!
  • Standard and Automatic Ball Shooter: Start each ball with a skill shot to the spinning magnet!
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