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Williams Star Trek the Next Generation pinball machine

Consistently rated in the Top 3 best pinballs ever made.

A classic pintable based on the tv series. Fantastic sounds and voices of Captain Jean Luc Picard, mr data and other charactors as the game plays.

Fantastic features including 6 ball multiball feature, 2 moving firing cannons,kickback and plenty of challenges like Time Rift, Search the Galaxy, Rescue and Q’s millions. Take on the Borg with the unique Borg lock on the playfield, Engage the Ferengi. This is an enthralling game to play and with its many features will provide long term interest.


Bally Twilight Zone pinball machine

Unlock this door with key of imagination!
Pat Lawlor’s best pinball machine. A pinball machine well ahead of its time, with the use of invisible flippers on the unique mini playfield. And the only machine to use a ceramic powerball – see it fly! A real time clock that goes backwards as well! A six flipper machine! (Four standard and two “invisible”)

  • Battle the Power
  • Load the gumball machine
  • Shoot the camera
  • Pick up hitchhikers
  • Load the rocket
  • Play the piano
  • Load the fruit machine
  • Freeze time and even make time go backwards!

Light all the doors to get lost in the zone
This is a feature packed and very challenging machine.


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Stern Ripleys Believe it or Not pinball machine

Designed by the great Pat Lawlor who designed some of the most beloved titles in the history of pinball, including The Addams Family and Twilight Zone Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® is a pinball machine that lives in the tradition of these all-time favorites.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® is all about traveling with the legendary Robert Ripley across seven continents to discover the strange, the bizarre, the unusual! To accomplish this, the playfield offers some unbelievable features: a shrunken head that says some pretty funny stuff, a strange idol that commands a powerful force field, a temple that can only be unlocked through a special tic-tac-toe code, and an always fun vari-target!
The special “Believe it or Not” multi-level rule enables the beginning player to achieve some of the game’s goals early on, while it allows the more advanced player to extend their opportunities through better play.

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Williams Getaway: High Speed 2 Pinball Machine

Shift into high gear!
Supercharger! The “Supercharger” magnetic ball accelerator, spins balls at dizzying speeds for wild excitement and scores! And all with no moving parts!
Flipper buttons control the steering and the gear shift controls the speed in this pedal-to-the-metal car race with hairpin turns and challenging obstacles!
Traffic Light! Completing the entire yellow, green and red traffic light sequence starts 3-ball multi-ball with sirens screaming and engines roaring!
Gear Shift! An actual gear shift on the front of the cabinet launches the balls onto the playfield and shifts through features during game play!

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Bally The Addams Family (1992)

Possibly the most popular pinball machine ever made! The only Bally machine ever to have a second production run due to overwhelming demand! Based on the film and featuring the voices of the actors, this machine has Thing coming out of the playfield to grab the ball, and sometimes when he is told off puts it back again! He also controls his own flippper on occasions to make the Swamp shot! The game can also be fitted with “gold” roms for extra soundbites and other features

  • Visit the swamp
  • Meet Cousin IT
  • Wreck trains
  • Dance the Mamushka
  • Open the bookcase
  • Do a seance
  • Battle the Power and try and control the ball when the magnets send it haywire!
  • Collect all the Mansion awards

A timeless classic that people come back to time and time again