Terminator 2

The Terminator 2 Pinball Machine is manufactured by Williams, makers of some of the greatest pinball machines in history.

This fantastic machine is based on the classic movie and makes an exciting and fun pinball machine.

Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger’s likeness and voice, several game modes and a series of pinball firsts, including the first autoplunger in pinball  and the first game with a video mode, Terminator 2 is a fantastic pinball machine that’s a hit with fans of the movie and pinball fans alike. Game features include:


  • Ball cannon that oscillates allowing player to aim for any of five targets on left side of playfield
  • Video mode
  • Terminator endoskeleton skull on playfield
  • Vertical Up-kicker under skull kicks the ball through a habitrail to the cannon on the right side of the playfield
  • Pulling trigger on shooter gun fires cannon


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