Frankenstein pinball

Sega Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, based on the movie starring Kenneth Branagh, Robert de Niro and Helena Bonham Carter.

The game revisits key scenes from Victor Frankenstein’s experiments to reverse death. Travel to Ingolstadt, collect body parts from the Graveyard, then raise the Voltage to reanimate The Creature. Lynch Justine, start Geneva Multiball, and endure the Stoning, and try to pick up an Extra Ball or Frankenstein Millions along the way. Players who can get to the Ice Cave in the North Pole might be able to complete the Creation and discover the game’s final secrets — but watch out when the Creature begins throwing pinballs at you…

The machine has great use of animation on the oversized LED screen, detailed artwork, and features both the movie soundtrack and Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” as theme songs.

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