Twilight Zone pinball machine for sale

Bally Twilight Zone

Unlock this door with the key of imagination!

Pat Lawlor’s best pinball machine. A pinball machine well ahead of its time, with the use of invisible flippers on the unique mini playfield. And the only machine to use a ceramic powerball – see it fly! A real time clock that goes backwards as well! A six flipper machine! (Four standard and two “invisible”).

  • Battle the Power
  • Load the gumball machine
  • Shoot the camera;
  • Pick up hitchhikers;
  • Load the rocket;
  • Play the piano;
  • Load the fruit machine;
  • Freeze time and even make time go backwards!
  • Light all the doors to get lost in the zone

This is a feature packed and very challenging machine.

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Price: £4600

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