Addams Family pinball machine

Bally The Addams Family

Refurbished Addams Family redecalled with new cabinet artwork, new ramp, colour display, LEDs, additional LED lighting mods, custom decals, brand new topper, brand new CPU, mirror polished hinges, siderails and lockbar. Pictures are of actual machine.

Possibly the most popular pinball machine ever made! The only Bally machine ever to have a second production run due to overwhelming demand! Based on the film and featuring the voices of the actors, this machine has Thing coming out of the playfield to grab the ball, and sometimes when he is told off puts it back again! He also controls his own flippper on occasions to make the Swamp shot! The game can also be fitted with “gold” roms for extra soundbites and other features

  • Visit the swamp
  • Meet Cousin IT
  • Wreck trains
  • Dance the Mamushka
  • Open the bookcase
  • Do a seance
  • Battle the Power and try and control the ball when the magnets send it haywire!
  • Collect all the Mansion awards

A timeless classic that people come back to time and time again

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