Sega Starship Troopers

The Starship Troopers pinball is based on the hugely popular sci-fi film
This superb tie in pinball from Sega features movie music and custom speech, Dynamic bug blastin’ dots, hard core sci fi action, high scoring nuke ’em rounds, 4 unique multiball sequences, family friendly adjustments, strong, vibrant colours, flashy light shows and is easy to play but hard to master so you won’t tire of playing this high quality game!
Moving live fire warrior bug assault battle simulator!
The Brain Bug – Bash Him!
Tri-Flipper Action!

Price £1695







Data East The Simpsons

Welcome to Springfield! Join the Simpsons on a wacky trip round the most loved cartoon town and family. Knock down Principal Skinner, Nelson, Ride the Ultimate Behemoth Ramp, fire the ball into the animated nuclear reactor cooling tower bumpers, knock down the bowling pins and complete Chocolate and Doughnut challenges for big points!
Featuring all your favourite characters from the hit show, and great soundbites, this is brilliant fun for kids of all ages (including those aged 40+!)
New Price – £1395

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